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 Our Boy is doing great, 08-30-2014 03:30PM

By: admin

I wanted to let you know how my "Navy" GWP is doing. His name is Zeiger (like tiger) it is German for pointer. He is a natural on quail and has an awesome point. He is already being shot over and retrieves great. This morning he pointed two wild quail.

 Just a quick update, 08-30-2014 03:40PM

By: admin

Just thought i would give u an update.. We purchased J├Ąger aka "green male." He is in school now, two weeks into it and they say he is an absolute natural, top 10%. He is pointing birds from 15-20yds out in light wind, giving great chase. He whoas well, is very birdy, has good drive but still a desire to please. He has four more weeks left at a finishing school and is all but money back guranteed to be able to do blind retrieves in water upon completion.. the trainer told me he is at the 4 week level in 2 weeks. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't gone out to watch him work for myself.