South Texas GWP's

South Texas GWP's
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We have been breeding German Wirehaired pointers in Texas for about 4 years now, we got our male from a Breeder up north, and he is an absolute bird machine.  He is a natural retriever and will hunt just about anything he can.

Our female has one of the best temperaments I have ever seen, she is a bit stockier than the male, and she loves the water. 

We are located in South Texas and we prefer to meet the families that our German Wirehaired pointers will be joining, therefore we don't ship our pups.  If you live in Texas, we know it can be somewhat of a drive down here so we will meet you halfway if possible.


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 Just a quick update, 08-30-2014 03:40PM

By: admin

Just thought i would give u an update.. We purchased Jäger aka "green male." He is in school now, two weeks into it and they say he is an absolute natural, top 10%. He is pointing birds from 15-20yds out in light wind, giving great chase. He whoas well, is very birdy, has good drive but still a desire to please. He has four more weeks left at a finishing school and is all but money back guranteed to be able to do blind retrieves in water upon completion.. the trainer told me he is at the 4 week level in 2 weeks. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't gone out to watch him work for myself.

 Our Boy is doing great, 08-30-2014 03:30PM

By: admin

I wanted to let you know how my "Navy" GWP is doing. His name is Zeiger (like tiger) it is German for pointer. He is a natural on quail and has an awesome point. He is already being shot over and retrieves great. This morning he pointed two wild quail.