"Millers" Windy Ridge Kennels

Dedicated to breeding calm and close hunting retrievers.  We are located in SW MN and are family owned.  We currently have 2 sires and 5 dams.  Our sire, "Koda" is a conformation champion and has earned his junior hunt test title thus far.  Koda is a calm, structurally and genetically sound dog.  Our new sire is "Ridge" and will begin breeding him next summer.  He is the son of candlewoods "FC meet joe black" and grand son of "2x NAFC-2x CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac" along with numerous other titles in his pedigree including conformation champions.  Truly an all around great dog!  Our females also have extremely great pedigrees and are not only proven great hunters but also great family dogs.  Our female Kya has had some amazingly great pups and could not be more pleased with all the great feedback we have recieved on her pups! We stand behind our dogs 100% and run all necassary tests on sire and dams to make sure our customers have a great healthy dog they can enjoy for many years. For more pics or info you can refer to our facebook page at "Millers" Windy Ridge Kennels