Millercreek Kennels has been known for breeding, boarding and training Labrador Retrievers for over thirty years. Carroll Miller, a nationally known trainer, was the first trainer to receive a Dual Hunting Retriever Championship for Millercreek’s Sonny Bear. He was the second trainer to have a dog that achieved the title of UKC Grand Hunter Retriever Champion.  Millercreek has consistently bred and trained dogs that love to hunt or compete but fit in with the family as well. You will find some of the best hunting lines availble in our pedigrees but you can enjoy these dogs 365 days a year.

We train all breeds and types of dogs for obedience or any type of hunting activity. We believe that you, the owner should be as involved in this process as you can be or want to be. We train dogs for the real world and we never forget that this is a valued family member and friend. Whatever your goals may be, we can get you there.