Kirkland Kennels

 I raise American Leopard Hounds and Treeing Walker Coonhounds, I also raise a family of UKC Reg.Trreing Feist that are of the old Riverun bloodline. The Leopard hounds we have are the Wicks Camo Jug Bloodline. I raise the old Joe House bloodline and Skuna River bloodline in the Walkers.I have lived in the Foothills of the Smokey mtns. all my life.I am 52 years old.I raise and train coonhounds and squirrel dogs with the help of my wife Melissa and my son Tyler. We own two Stud dogs at present.A Leopard hound named Kirklands Hard Knockin Chug. and a Treeing Walker named UKC Gr.Nt.Ch.PKC Ch. Skuna River Jack.

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