K & A Kennels

K & A Kennels

 We are a small breeder of quality Labrador Retrievers.  We breed with a focus on the English standard.  We currently offer yellow, black and fox reds.  We also offer our outstanding male Fox red for stud service to approved females.  His color is a very deep red.   These stud breedings must be deemed to improve or maintain the breed standard (temperament included).  His pedigree is one of the best in the country for Fox Reds and available upon request from serious inquiries.  Hamp's lineage can be directly linked to some of the most well know Fox Reds in the Country.  If you are looking for a really red lab with a great "English" look and good black pigmentation, then he is it.  We will not ship our stud for breeding, females are housed here and breeding monitored.  

Non limited registrations are available but the cost of these puppies is affected accordingly.  The registration will remain limited until the dog has been properly OFA tested.  Once tested and proper results received, then the registration will be altered to unlimited.

All our adults exhibit a strong retrieving drive and affection for the water.  We own a portion of a 1 ½ to 2 acre pond so the adults and pups are constantly around the water.   We also breed for temperment.  We prefer the more laid back labs to the more "rambunctious" ones.  Therefore we try to produce calmer labs.  

We have two children who love labs as much as we do so the adults and pups are given constant attention and are well socialized.  You can imagine how much attention puppies get from two children and their friends. 

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