Heritage GSP Kennels

These puppies come from a strong German bloodline, making them ideal for anyone looking for a new dog to start hunting with. These puppies will have a strong hunting drive. My Gsp's will be more than a hunting dog. You'll find our German Shorthairs are friendly, intelligent, versatile ,and willing to please, making them a great family member. Heritage GSPs display exceptional disposition whether with people or other dogs.  All dogs should be trained for basic obedience to be able to develop to their full potential. All training starts with lots of love. I have trained all of my dogs and they have learned very quickly. If interested, I will be able to help train your dog. Make your dog a top quality German Shorthair.


All dogs bred by Heritage GSP Kennels and registered with the Heritage name will be guaranteed against any genetic defects for a period of 18 months from the date of birth.

Thank you. Call if any more questions Arsenio@ (817)966-7627



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