I strive to breed versatile dogs that will use their eyes, ears, and nose to locate game.

Although I mostly hunt for squirrels I also hunt rabbits, 'coons, and upland game birds with my dogs. I primarily hunt recreationally with my dogs but have had success in the competition realm.

While hunting ability in my dogs is my primary focus, I also breed to balance the admirable breed characteristics that also make the Mountain Feist a desirable companion for an active rural family. My dogs excel at both.

Mountain (aka Treeing) Feist are a very adaptable breed of dog. The breed also excels at other activities such as hiking and skijoring. My feist are introduced and socialized to many different environments so that they are overall well rounded dogs.

The pedigrees of my dogs include some well-known bloodlines such as: Cadillac Jack, Buckley, Baldwin, Sport Model and Kemmer.

My feist dogs came DIRECTLY out of the Appalachian Mountains!

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