Gothard's Creek Beagles

I have been raising, training, and trialing Beagles since 1952. I was honored to be inducted into the AKC SPO Hall of Fame in 2006. I currently have some of the best combination field trial and rabbit hunting beagles in the Southeast. Here at Gothard's Creek Beagles we beleive that the beagle is an all purpose dog and not only do they run a rabbit they have to be able to hunt and jump a rabbit.

Currently I have two field champion females in my kennel. Along with another female with two wins and all her points. I am also trialing and offering at stud a lemon and white male with a great pedigree. Gothard's Creek Murphy has in a five generation pedigree Hall of Fame Luci-van Littleman five times, Hall of Fame Rob's Diamond II and Hall of Fame Smith's Buzz Saw. Murphy also has Kilgore's Termite four times. Termite was the first female from Georgia to meet the requirements and be awarded the title AKC SPO Field Champion.

Here at Gothard's Creek Beagles we are friendly people who love to talk dogs. So if you want any information about us or our dogs just give us a call. We love talking dogs.

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