German Shorthair Pointers

 I am in the process of starting my kennel "Aces Wild Kennel" (visit our website by clicking on the breeders website link or visit for more information and photos. I am located in central Iowa. I started training German Shorthair Pointers and labs several years back another trainer and kennel. In 2012, I had my first litter and did the training on my own. I am raising German Shorthairs for families who want personal hunting dogs, an outstanding new family member and dogs have the drive to excel in family hunts or in hunt tests (AKC and NAVHDA).

I have achieved 6 NAVHDA Prize I - Natural Ability awards in my first 2 years of training dogs. I am looking forward to training and testing dogs to excel in upper level testing also.   

For more information and photos visit our new web site by clicking on the breeders web link.