French poinitng dog puppies - BRAQUE de l'Ariege

Date of birth: 09.07.2016
Mother: CIE, CIB, Ch.Pl, Lt, Est, Cz Argentia Mist Fadette at Meldor (Import France)
Father: Floc (France)
Unique 8 puppies of Braque de l'Ariege were born, 3 girls and 5 boys. It's the only litter outside France out of a very promising combination.
The Braque de l'Ariege is a rare french breed from the Pyrenees making it very resistant to heat and all day run in the mountains. It's a breed that learns very fast, enjoys training and loves to please the owner. It is also very affectionate and full of life. A great companion for active people. It will enjoy every moment with it's owner.

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