Raising working retrievers for hunting companions and AKC/HRC Hunt tests since 2003, we strive to produce healthy, structurely balanced, intelligent dogs with a willing to please temperament.  

We guarantee that we will never produce an EIC, CNM, PRA, or RD/OSD affected dog, and further, we offer a limited warranty on hips, elbows, and eyes.  All of our breeding stock have been genetically tested and have also passed their OFA's and CERF testing. 

We want to offer the best Labrador Retriever lines available, so we scrutinize pedigrees and previous generation health reports to find the best stud dogs available for our females.  This may mean that we have to utilize frozen semen, some imported from across the country or even from the UK.  

Our goal is not only to produce heatlhy, happy pups, but to match them with the appropiate home.  Since we breed for working ability, our pups are placed in homes where they will be able to do the work for which they are bred, which means that we do not place our pups in pet homes.  Our dogs have been sought out by a number of Search and Rescue as well as Drug and Bomb detection agencies.  We also have a number of pups doing hunting guide work, traveling across a number of states for the entire hunting season, retrieving everything from dove to geese and swans.  

We register and compete in both AKC and UKC sanctioned Hunt Tests, and register our litters with both registeries as well.  We produce 2-4 litters per year in yellow, black, and on the rare occasion, chocolate and fox red.  

To make sure that the pup that you are buying is as healthy as can be, we raise all of our litters in our home and underfoot.  They have their dew claws removed by day 3 along with a thorough examination by our Veterinarian.  We worm our pups 3 x, and have our Vet administer their first vaccination along with another exam.  We micro chip all of our pups as well.

To ensure that they grow to their full potential, we feed a high quality dog food to all of our breeding stock and litters.  To help prepare them for their life with their new owners as working dogs, the pups are exposed to household noises, kids, cats, and other dogs.  As well as riding in vehicles and crates.  Once they are going outside for walks and play, they are exposed to loud noises from mowers, gun fire, fire works, and power tools. 

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