Dogo Puppies

Litter born August 6 from Nitro x Wini. Real worldchampion bloodlines. Not just a title holder from insignificant backyard shows. These are imports from working with the original breed standard.. Log on to my website and compare with others and you will notice the difference. I have imported the best possible bloodlines for my breeding stock. Accepting only the highest quality of an all around perfect Dogo for reproducing. Unlike others sales gimmicks, a true Dogo should be a hunter, a good pet, and be able to show. If its not all of the above, then it should not be bred. I have in my breeding stock the bloodline that was featured in the only movie filmed about a Dogo "El Perro". Willy 786-251-6443

Just some of whats included:

1. BEAR tested

2.Health certificate from a vet

3. Vaccines up to date

4. Deworming at least 6 times before shipping
5. Almost completely crate trained by the age of 8 weeks old
6. Early socialization with children an other
pets very important

7. Registration with either FCPR/FCI/FCA

8. And my 100% commitment as a responsible breeder to be availible for anything that may arise at any point of the dogs life and there after.