Chequamegon's Braque Francais

Chequamegon's Braque Francais
About Chequamegon's Braque Francais

At Chequamegon's, we breed, hunt and test Braque Francais.

My wife Kristy and I are from Medford, Wisconsin. We were born and raised here in the Northwoods and enjoy all that it has to offer. Apart from hunting pheasant, ruffed grouse, and woodcock with our dogs, we also deer hunt, fish and ride horses. I have been training dogs and participating in different competions since 2004 upon my return from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

At Chequamegon's it is our goal to breed not only exceptional Braque Francais dogs for the field, but also dogs that make great pets. The name Chequamegon means "land of shallow waters." The kennel name, Chequamegon's, was a natural fit as we have a cabin in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest where we spend alot of time relaxing and hunting.

We have both worked outside the home for a number of years and have recently made the decision to have Kristy stay at home full time to better serve our braques and our breeding program.

Please be sure to visit our website and our facebook page, we continuously add more information and keep them both up to date. Thank you!

Also the home of CBF's Lead Lanyard "The lead and lanyard in one"

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