Bryar Hollow Gun Dogs

Welcome to Bryar Hollow Gun Dogs.  We are a small outfit located in South-central, PA.  Our journey began long before my husband and I met.  We had always been gun dog enthusiasts and hunted over many dogs in the past.  It was meant to be when we married and our passion for gun dogs molded who we are today. 

Travis and I trained many dogs throughout our lives and have worked with breeds from pointers, to spaniels, to retrievers.  We only started breeding our dogs when we aquired our chocolate lab, Bryar.  His prey drive and incredible disposition, along with remarkable trainability laid the foundation for our training program. 

Bryar began his to excell in the waterfowl field and he and my husband taught each other the ropes.  With 5 litters on the ground, Bryar, continues to create the type of lab everyone wants to be around.  Bryar passes his superior drive and trainability on to his pups as well as good looks, staminia, health and a great disposition.  Our puppies can be seen on the marsh, in the field, and even earning their AKC hunt test titles.