The Benefits of an Electric Fence for Hunting Dogs

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As a responsible hunting dog owner, keeping your dog safe at all times is certainly a priority. At home, you’re responsible for keeping your dog contained within your property. There are lots of ways to do it, but keeping your dog in a kennel or on a leash at all times is less than desirable. For the physical and mental health of a hunting dog, they must be able to exercise and explore freely in their home environment. A fence surrounding your property is the best thing to have.


Traditional fences, such as wood, chain link, and PVC, are popular options. Electric fences, on the other hand, are increasing in popularity every year. In fact, electric dog fences make excellent choices for hunting dogs. Although every dog and yard are different, most hunting dogs will do great with electric fences as long as the prey drive is properly managed by the hunter or owner. If you’re trying to choose a containment plan for your yard, here are some reasons why electric fences can be particularly beneficial for hunting dogs.


E-Collar Training

If you already use an electronic collar to train your hunting dog, you’ve got a leg up when it comes to training them on an electric fence. Hunting dogs that are used to e-collars are apt to quickly learn how an electric fence works. Their learning curve will be shortened because they’re already experienced with e-collar training. It’s always a good idea to keep your training methods consistent, so if you use an e-collar for hunting training, it will be beneficial for you to use an e-collar and electric dog fence system in your yard at home, too.


Seeing Outside of the Yard

One of the biggest concerns that hunting dog owners have when it comes to electric fences is that their dogs may be inclined to chase animals beyond their perimeter. With traditional fences, their prey drives are suppressed because they have a physical barrier preventing them from seeing and reaching animals on the other side of the fence. However, most hunting dog owners with electronic fences find it to be more of a help than a hinderance.


When your hunting dog can see beyond their yard, their curiosity for knowing what’s on the other side is satisfied. Their prey drive may actually be quelled because they can see the smaller animals, and they aren’t left wondering what the animal is, where it’s located, or what it’s doing. While it’s possible for dogs to run past the perimeter of an electric fence, hunting dog owners rarely find this to be a problem. In fact, the mild corrective shock would prevent your dog from getting close to the barrier. With a traditional fence, your dog is more able to dig under or jump over the fence in pursuit of unseen threats or prey that peak their curiosity.


Using the Full Yard for Exercise

An electric fence for dogs is especially beneficial in a large yard. Exercise is so important for hunting dogs, and many hunting dog owners have large ranches or farms. Traditional fences can be difficult to place on vast acreage, uneven terrain, or oddly shaped yards. An underground dog fence allows you to maximize the area your hunting dog can utilize outside your home. Giving your dog a larger space to roam is always better than confining it to a smaller space due to difficulties placing a traditional fence. There are lots of electric fence options for large properties, too. The PetSafe YardMax can cover up to 10 acres, and others can cover 20 acres or more.


Spending Less Money on Installation and Maintenance

Hunting and training hunting dogs can have lots of expenses, so it’s always good to save money when possible. With an underground dog fence, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in comparison to a traditional fence. Electric fence systems can cost as little as $300, and you can install them yourself. Traditional fences that cover the same area can cost $2000 or more. When you have a low budget, an electric fence is preferable.


A wireless dog fence has even less maintenance associated with it. Once your system is installed, it’s common to go years at a time without any maintenance required. Traditional fences are more susceptible to damage because they’re exposed to the elements. Spending less time and money on maintenance leaves you with more resources for the things you love - hunting and training your hunting dog.


Reliable Containment

Electric fences are also incredibly reliable. With backup power, you never have to worry about your fence not working. Traditional fences can break; gates can be accidentally left open; and dogs can break through them if they’re determined. Once your electric fence is installed, you have less to worry about. You can rest assured that your hunting dog is safe inside your yard.


One thing hunting dog owners worry about when it comes to electric fences is that they can encourage aggression. In most cases, hunting dogs do not become more aggressive due to using an e-collar. If they’re already trained on an e-collar and aren’t more aggressive, then you have nothing to worry about. As long as you take the time to understand how an electric fence works and to properly train your dog on it, your dog will not be negatively affected by it. Hunting dogs are naturally obedient, and an electric fence with mild static correction is not something that will cause changes in their personality or affect their aptitude for obedience.


For all these reasons, hunting dogs are particularly great candidates for electric fence training. As a hunting dog owner, you understand the need for consistent, thorough training, and this makes you the best type of dog owner to use an electric fence system.


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