Sporting Dogs

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Sporting Dogs consist of a group of dog breeds that assist hunters when out in the field.  They can either help track wounded game, or retrieve birds that have been shot.  Keep in mind that these dogs have been historically bred to hunt when needed to, but also be good family members as well.  According to the AKC, the breeds that make up the sporting group pertain to setters, spaniels, retrievers, and pointers. Sporting Dog retrieving pheasant


Because they perform more rigorous activity than most dogs, sporting dogs need a balanced nutrition with the right amount of water, and possibly even supplements to keep their energy levels high while performing.  Much can be said about the variety of dog foods out there, so research a brand that manufacturers their dog food with their performance needs in mind. When not hunting or training, non-performance dog food can be used to keep your dog's energy at a normal level.

Dog Breeds

Some of the more popular breeds that make up the sporting group are:

Any of the links above will take you to a directory of breeders who provide that particular breed of sporting dog.

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