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First Aid & Emergency Medical Care for Dogs

by admin on 01-21-2015 12:08PM in Puppy Care, General Hunting Dogs

Similar to human beings, pets are susceptible to sudden health problems and injuries. While some health problems and injuries are negligible, others can result in death if they are not given prompt medical attention. Emergency medical services for pets are not easily available in certain areas, and [...]

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Should you spay your puppy

by admin on 09-01-2014 07:36PM in Puppy Care

Having your new puppy "fixed" (spaying a female puppy, neutering a male puppy) is a tough decision to make.  Certain people will tell you not to do it for health reasons, others (such as veterinarians) will tell you to have them fixed because of health problems they may face in the future.  For [...]

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