Big Game Hunting: Planning Your Trip

by admin on 11-01-2013 in Hunting

Big game hunting is fun and exciting when the right game is available. Most hunters live in areas where the largest type of game are white tail deer or bobcat. Hunters who want to experience the thrill of going after larger types of game often have to travel a long distance to do so. Companies across the country offer hunting packages and accommodations to seasoned hunters who are ready to set out to find the "big one". Thoroughly research the type of game you intend to hunt as well as the areas in which they are found.


Grizzly, brown and black bear are found in mountainous regions across the United States and Canada. Arizona, California, Nevada and Alaska allow hunters to take different varieties of bear when they are in season. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has a complete listing of the fees and licensing requirements associated with hunting bear on their website. To be allowed to legally hunt in California, you must take and pass a certified California hunter safety course, as explains. As an experienced hunter, you must be thoroughly prepared before setting out on a bear hunt. Most companies that provide hunting packages for large game also include the services of a seasoned guide to aid hunters. Following their advice and knowing the laws governing the hunt are important and must be strictly adhered to for your safety and the safety of other members of the hunting party.


Many big game hunters pursue animals they can use for food as well as for other purposes. Buffalo meat, much like venison, is a favorite of many big game hunters. Enthusiasts who are interested in buffalo are able to take part in hunts sanctioned by the Department of Natural Resources in both Montana and the Dakotas. Custer National Park has scheduled hunts posted during each game animal's particular hunting season. Arizona is also known for its buffalo population, according to

Wild Boar

Wild boar is another popular large game animal. Golden Ram Sportsman's Club has everything an avid hunter needs to accomplish their goal of taking down their prey. With over 16 ranches and 100,000 acres of prime hunting ground, according to its website, the staff can help you find the type of game you are looking for. Lodging is available at several of the ranches. It is your responsibility to make sure you have all of the necessities needed for the hunt, including proper licensing and permits needed for the type of game you are after.

Salt Water Fishing

Big game also includes salt water fish. Sailfish, barracuda, amberjack and blacktip sharks are considered big game when it comes to fisherman and fishing enthusiasts. JD's Big Game and Tackle (, located in Balboa Island, California has everything you need to set sail for your big game fishing adventure.. They are able to answer questions about the equipment you will need while out hunting for the bigger fish. Going after fish that weigh over and above 50 pounds requires specific types of poles and line that can handle the additional weight and strength of the larger fish.

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