A Hunter's Guide for Navigating New Territory

by admin on 01-09-2015 in Hunting

A Hunter's Guide for Navigating New Territory

Relocating across the country is a major undertaking. You've packed up your home, the garage and the shed, and you're on your way to discovering your new home with your hunting dog in tow. The new wilderness is just waiting to be explored. Just remember that new hunts and new environments might mean that you need to change or update your gear accordingly.

Before you head out on your first hunt in a new area, take stock of your gear and replace or enhance to accordingly to conquer your new environment.


Take into account that different states can have different regulations and guidelines in regards to hunting. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the laws of your new hunting grounds by taking advantage of online hunter resources like Hunter-Ed. All the current and laws and regulations for a majority of the states in the country and can help you not only educate yourself but obtain the appropriate or necessary certification card for that state as well.


In all likelihood you will have to change or modify at least some of your gear and clothing when you move to a new hunting ground. Unless you happen to move to a nearly identical environment and are hunting a nearly identical game, there are things to consider like your clothes and camouflage. The wrong camo can make you stand out. When you move to a new location check the areas you plan on hunting and use a guide like the one provided by Cabela’s to match the camo to the terrain.

Remember to adapt for not only what you are going to be hunting, but how you are going to be hunting it. Your old location might have consisted mostly of tracking and following game through the brush while your new hunting grounds may be the perfect place to set up tree blinds. In this scenario, camo for tree blinds will include designs that contain sticks and branches whereas ground camo might contain various types of brush and the thin shadows.


Items like knives and blades are going to be universal and apply to any hunt in any part of the country. If you are a bow hunter, you might not need to make slight changes, including tweaking gear like the type and size of broadhead to take down game in your new locale.

If you hunt with firearms any change will depend on the game you are hunting. While your .30-30 rifle will handle your close range deer hunts, whether you are hunting mule deer or white-tail, you may want to consider switching your weapon if you are going to start hunting elk at a longer range. A Winchester M70 Super Grade rifle might do you better when you're working with the longer distances and large elk.

Wherever you go and whatever the reason for your move, make sure you do your homework before you set off on your new adventure. By taking the extra time to become familiar with everything from the game to the environment to the regulations of your new home you can ensure that your hunting experiences remain successful for years to come.

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