Blinn's French Brittany's

We acquired our first Espagnuel Breton -'Gus' in 1997.  He became an excellent hunter and loyal companion.  Our sister and brother-in-law acquired 'Monique' and that breeding led to our female 'Ruby'.  Our dogs have hunted pheasants, sharptails, quail, chukkars, mountain grouse, sage hens, and waterfowl!  We believe French Brittany's are an outstanding breed of hunters;  They are fun, energetic, loyal members of our family. 

Update - June 2009

We have two additional Espagnuel Breton family members.  Andy is Ruby's (and Topperlyn Kennels's D'Art) pup born 6/12/2008.  He is a gentle, yet energetic dog.  Andy hunts well, handles easily, and LOVES the water!  We look forward to his first 'real' season of hunting.

Josie (1/29/2009) is our new female pup, acquired from Galena Kennels (Tom McGowan, Reno, NV).  She is a beautiful liver-orange-white tri-color.  She immediately established herself as 'one of the gang'.  Josie appears to have quite a 'nose' which she uses all the time.  No doubt she will become an outstanding hunter.


2011 - Andy and Josie are both OFA certified.  All of our dogs are registered with UKC and AKC.


2013 Litter Announcement

Josie and Andy's pups are due May 18-22.  We are taking deposits at this time.